The Town of Wise will be flushing water lines beginning Sunday, September 21, 2014 and ending on Thursday, September 25, 2014. To the greatest extent possible, this procedure will be completed in the evening after heavy consumption is over for the day.

Wise water customers are advised that there will be possible water discoloration, odor, and/or air present in their water as a result. To avoid any staining of laundry, customers are encouraged to run water from a cold water sink tap before washing any clothes in order to verify that the water is not discolored.

Customers whose hot water heaters are not equipped with a check valve as required by BOCA Plumbing Code are advised to turn their water heaters off while water lines are being flushed in their area.

The Town of Wise regrets any inconvenience caused as a result of water line flushing, but this practice is necessary in order to maintain the integrity of the Town's water system and to best serve you, the water customer.


Town of Wise:
 Public Hearing and Notice of Intent to Enact an
Ordinance Allowing Encroachment on Town/Public Right-of-Way
August 26, 2014

Please take notice that the Town of Wise Council and the Town of Wise Planning Commission will hold a joint meeting and public hearing on Tuesday August 26, 2014 at the regular meeting of the Wise Town Council beginning at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers of the Wise Municipal Building located at 501 W. Main Street in Wise, VA.  The purpose of the joint meeting and public hearing is to review and hear public comment on a request submitted by the Wise County Industrial Development Authority to encroach upon Spring Avenue, SE reducing the width of pavement along the one way portion of Spring Avenue, SE to approximately 10 feet  for approximately 35 feet and to create a “bump out”  curb to assist with pedestrian safety and traffic calming at entrance onto the one way portion of Spring Avenue, SE from East Main Street next to the Wise Inn.  
Following the public hearing, the Wise Planning Commission will make a recommendation to Town Council to approve, deny or modify the terms of encroachment request from the Wise County Industrial Development Authority regarding encroachment on Spring Avenue, SE.  Following recommendation from the Wise Planning Commission, the Town Council will review and take action to approve, deny or modify the terms of encroachment on the one way portion of Spring Avenue, SE.  
The purpose of encroachment is to enhance the safety of the pedestrians who may gather in the front of the Wise Inn, to calm the traffic speed along the one way portion of Spring Avenue SE and to provide a barrier from vehicular traffic to any vehicles parked along the one way portion of Spring Avenue, SE.
You or your agent may appear in person when the public hearing is opened to present your comments for consideration by the Wise Planning Commission and Town Council.  
Copies of the letter of request for encroachment on public right of way and accompanying submittals are on file in the office of the Town Planner in the Wise Municipal Building located at 501 West Main Street, Wise, VA where they may be examined by interested parties during regular business hours.  
Persons requesting auxiliary aids to accommodate a disability in order to attend the public hearings should direct their request to the Town Manager’s office or by phoning 328-6013 (Voice & TDD) at least one week prior to the hearing date.
The Town of Wise is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider.





Effective July 1, 2013 the Town of Wise will no longer be issuing dog tags.  All dogs should be licensed and tagged through the Wise County Treasurer’s Office located at the Wise County Courthouse.  If you licensed your dog at the Town of Wise Treasurer’s Office, that tag will be honored by Wise County until the tag expires, at which time you will need to obtain a new county dog tag at the Wise County Treasurer’s Office.



Know the rules before your yard sale


The Town Council of the Town of Wise, Virginia adopted Ordinance No. 11, 2012 on August 28, 2012 which amends the rules and regulations for Yard Sales in the Town of Wise.    
The following outlines the current regulations for Yard Sales in the Town of Wise:
-    You must obtain a Yard Sale Permit from the Zoning Administrator before you have a yard sale, garage sale, rummage sale, moving sale or the like.  There is no charge for a Yard Sale Permit; however, it must be available for inspection upon request during your yard sale.  
-    If you do not have a yard sale permit, you will be in violation of the Town of Wise Zoning Ordinance and subject to penalties as prescribed in said ordinance.
-    You may have two yard sales (garage sales, rummage sales, moving sales or the like) per year on a parcel of property.  Each yard sale (garage sale, rummage sale, moving sale or the like) cannot last more than three consecutive days.
-    You may have a yard sale (garage sale, rummage sale, moving sale or the like) on Residentially Zoned, Commercially/Business Zoned, or Industrially Zoned property provided you have written permission from the property owner.
-    If you have a Yard Sale (garage sale, rummage sale, moving sale or the like) on someone else’s property, the sale counts toward the property owner’s maximum number of two sales per year.
-    Yard Sales, Garage Sales, Rummage Sales, Moving Sales and the like are to be comprised of only used household items, used clothing, used furniture, used household equipment and the like.
-     No misplaced signs. It’s good to get the word out about your sale, but if you put your signs in a spot where laws don’t allow it, they may be taken down. Save your posterboard and your valuable time by knowing where signs can’t go: In public right-of-way, including on power poles, stop signs or other street signs.
-    Who’s in charge. The town’s rules about yard sales are enforced by the Wise Police Department and the Wise Planning Department, located in town hall. They are carrying out rules and regulations that can be found within the town’s zoning ordinance. If you have any questions about how to hold a yard sale properly, call Town Planner Laura Mullins at 276/328-6013, extension 223.









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