Comprehensive Plan



The Town of Wise Comprehensive Plan  was originally created in the year 2003, then subsequently updated in 2009 and 2009. The document sets forth goals for the Town and surrounding urbanized areas just beyond existing corporate limits. Established to reflect the objectives of local officials and citizens under the conditions of the time it was drafted, the plan establishes long-range objectives to be accomplished by the year 2020.

Within the plan, which you can download in its entirety by clicking here Comprehensive Plan draft .pdf , you’ll find three major sections:

-          A community profile, including a brief review of related plans and activities that may have an influence on planning for the Town, physiographic and natural features, population characteristics and trends, local economy and employment data, and a housing and neighborhood analysis. The community profile serves as a basis for analysis of the physical development potential and the social economic well-being of the Town of Wise.
-          Goals and objectives, as determined by existing land use, transportation, utilities and community facilities, along with summaries of major finding of the background analysis in terms of planning factors which influence future development.
-          Implementation recommendations for the goals and objectives outlined within the plan.

A separate section containing mapping is included in the Comprehensive Plan can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here. Existing zoning, existing and future land use mapping, existing and future transportation mapping, existing water and sewer line mapping and existing and future community facilities mapping are included.